Experience AR Gaming – The Latest Buzz In The Gaming Industry


With the introduction of wearable Augmented Reality (AR) devices, designers and developers can build fantastic gaming experiences that render a new dimension to gaming. Augmented Reality Games (AR games) attract the audiences by providing different and innovative types of game play. The players and developers are surely going to encounter the most fundamental shift in gaming in the coming years.

Augmented Reality is quite exciting when you use it for the first time. The unique factors associated with AR surely takes a short time to fade off, whether you work with the technology or just think about deploying it. The popularity of Augmented Reality have inspired marketers and industry experts all over the world to discover possibilities for 3D gaming – offering unique experience to the users.

What is Augmented Reality and how does it work?


Augmented reality is one of the most advanced technology that will make a huge impact on the lives of gamers. The key idea about this technology is to use wearable devices in order to superimpose computer graphics and sensory enhancements, all in real time. Augmented Reality can be used for all the devices such as cameras or smartphones. This technology can also be used for smartphones and tablets and there are hundreds of apps already available.

The device will overlay other images over reality to create an interactive virtual world.

Augmented reality works by working with realism. This emerging technology requires a new way to display augmentations to the brain and this can be done via devices such as tablets, glasses, smartphones and widescreen televisions. The device will overlay other images over reality to create an interactive virtual world.

Augmented Reality in Gaming industry

Augmented reality is used in all the aspects of life. When used in games, it offers a unique and interesting experience. Video game companies are already adopting this technology to create games to deliver an amazing gaming experience to the end users. While searching on the Internet, you’d have come across many PC and Mobile Games that make use of augmented reality. The players would feel that the game they are playing has come to life and so, they would get the feeling of being right there in the middle of the action. Action games, fighting games, sports games, where players can have a full control using augmented reality device, make use of this technology.

How does Augmented Reality help gaming industry?


Gamers are always the target audience when we talk about this new technology. Marketers and industry experts all over the world are discovering the possibilities for 3D gaming. So, is interactive 3D the need of the hour? Well, AR games offer unique experience to the users. Just like Motion sensor gameplay has become popular amongst the gamers worldwide, same applies to AR games as well – opening up new doors for creating interactive experiences for players.

Augmented Reality will surely be the future of technology as it offers an enhanced gaming experience. When we talk about business, many manufacturers are developing augmented reality games. This advanced technology aims at creating a situation where the users cannot identify the difference between the real world and virtual augmentation.

Augmented Reality will surely be the future of technology as it offers an enhanced gaming experience.

Augmented reality promises to add intense graphics, sounds and even smell to the user experience. Computerized graphics are placed in the field of vision. Soon, the users will be able to wear a pair of glasses and enjoy a computerized experience while walking down a street or playing a video game. Isn’t that interesting?

Augmented Reality for Online Casino Gaming

Online gamblers can also enjoy a life like gaming experience by using augmented reality. Augmented reality is all set to offer a new dimension to the gambling industry. Now, it is possible to use this amazing technology in the world of online gaming and casinos. The gamblers can make use of AR eyewear and enjoy a gambling experience like never before. The in-built speakers in the eyewear will offer virtual sounds and a microphone to allow the users speak their commands.

The realistic version of the casino games will enthrall the gamblers. Although the trend of augmented reality has not found much popularity in the field of online casino and gambling, but we can assume this modern technology to be adopted in the future.

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