Proven Tips for Building a Successful iPhone Application


The popularity of iPhone apps can be gauged from the staggering number of iOS apps at the iTunes App Store, currently quoted as 1.5 million, with more than 100 billion downloads (as of June 2015).

Apple iPhones can undoubtedly be conferred the credit of popularizing the mobile revolution, for it has changed the way people interact with mobiles. So also, the growing market share and burgeoning popularity of iOS – mainly iPhone apps has ensued in growth of consumer expectations to demand better and more efficient apps.

1. Analyze the Target Market

In an era ruled by powerful mediums like internet and social media, businesses looking to harness its power can do so effectively by ‘listening’ to what users actually want and are looking for. This required a thorough analyzing of your target market – understand the pulse, map the problem areas, identify the features (mistakes) users’ hate of your competitors – and make implementation in creating an awesome iPhone app.

2. Understand the Current Need

Need is one of the best triggers to sell anything, and if you can work on an iPhone app idea that caters to the immediate need of your target market, you can bask on the success of your application. This is one of the prime reasons why airline flight or hotel room booking app, restaurant ordering app, or user-generated review app that helps you take the right decision in booking a hotel or travel destination, S.O.S app for women safety, etc. are a hit.

3. Resolve a Common/Persistent Problem

iPhone apps are the most accessible when it comes to deciphering information and can be on users fingertips anywhere, anytime. This is reason powerful enough for iPhone app developers to cash on in resolving a common or persistent problem that can simplify life or a workflow process in business. Some of the popular app ideas that have gained popularity include magazine or news apps, pregnancy update app for expecting mothers, real-time stock value update apps, or a reminder app for crucial engagements.

4. Validate User Interest

The below statistics indicate that users interest is of paramount importance when you are looking to cut through the competitive market in iTunes App Store. Once you plant your app idea, validate its saleability and user interest. Build app that has huge user demand, but the competition can be tough. You may also choose to create successful iPhone app catering to niche user base. So it’s all about identifying over-saturated markets on one hand and opportunity markets on the other.


5. Choosing the Right App Name

App ‘Name’ does have a role to play in marketing of iPhone apps; because, it is the app icon and the app name that makes its first brush with users. An interesting app name can create curiosity to make users check the application, which of-course will require ‘Great’ features to initiate app download.

6. Simplicity rules

Simplicity is never hyped, and it applies for iPhone apps too. Do not over promise to over deliver, for app are meant to simplify the accomplishment of specific tasks and solve problems. It’s recommended to not try to reinvent the wheel.

7. User experience Matters

Create intuitive graphic interface with seamless experience for your iPhone application, which besides being simple, improves engagement and caters to a wider customer base. Rely on the basic formula ‘STAND OUT and get noticed’. iPhone app developers really need to push the boundaries to excel beyond what other apps are achieving or introducing something innovative.

Hire iPhone app Services that delivers for your business

Success of your iPhone app depends on creating an app that works and that too without bugs. Easier said than done, as you really do not know how your users are going to respond once your iPhone app is deployed at the iTunes App Store. This makes hiring a reliable iPhone app developer with a proven track record crucial for cementing iPhone app success.

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