Top 10 Drupal Development Tips from Experts


Drupal, is one of the most popular content management system for website owners and developers looking to build a complex website seamlessly. For beginners in Drupal development, all you need is to take care of certain actions and follow certain parameters. One of the first step before you start is to read and understand well about Drupal. Like any new technology, Drupal too requires you to create a sound base before you actually fiddle with the Drupal modules.

Here are the Top Drupal Development Tips for Beginners:

1. Install Drupal Fast Using Profiles

You can download Drupal in the core format by just clicking the “Download” button from the official website. For complex news sites or a campaigning website, you may make use of pre-configured bundles having certain modules, themes, or pre-built functions that allow you to get your ideal site up and running instantly.

2. Start With A Simple Theme

Like any other CMS platform, Drupal too has its wide pool of themes. However, it recommended that newbies do not get carried away – Choose a theme that is simple and technically less complicated.

3. Use The Basic Modules

Not only themes, Drupal has a huge collection of modules too that however, might not be always easy task to break apart as per your specification. Therefore, it is recommended that before you get into specific modules you can start with a few basic modules that are must for building a site like Content Construction Kit, Views, ImageCache, etc.

4. Use Categorization For Easy Understanding

Even though it’s your own call on how you organize your modules, make sure you keep it hassle-free, simple and maintain distinct folders for different types of modules.

5. Always Take Backup of Website

It is highly advisable for beginners in Drupal development to take backup of the website before they carry out any type of changes or make new modules installation in the website. This can be useful in case you require to restore the previous or original data in case of any damage.

6. Make User-Friendly Back-End User Interface

One of the important points web application developers should ensure during Drupal web development is to design user-friendly back-end user interface.

7. Focus on SEO Techniques

A website until indexed properly is considered to be useless by the crawlers, and fail to rank in the top search results. This calls for the need to focus on SEO techniques like correct use of keywords, formulating proper metatags, installing Google Analytics, etc.

8. Speed up search

Native search in Drupal CMS is basically a slow process. This calls for newbie web developers to make use of Solr Search in Drupal websites, so as to speed up or enhance website search functionality.

9. Use Firebug to simplify many of your tasks

Using Firebugs besides being the easy way to modify the look and feel of your site also helps debugging jQuery, and can also be used for theme development.

10. Avoid ‘Too Much’ Coding

Last but not the least, newbies in Drupal development should deliberately avoid excessive coding for developing modules. Drupal developers might find writing customized code from the Drupal web development perspective a tedious task. However, Drupal being one of the most flexible content management systems with more than 30,000 modules can help you save time, effort and money.

Finally, makes sure you join the Drupal community. Find local user groups, attend meetups, camps and conferences worldwide. Or follow the Drupal community online by engaging on or

Do you have any more tips to share from your own experiences? We’d love to know.


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