Advantages of Google’s Material Design


Material Design is developed by Google which expands upon the “card” motifs that debuted in Google Now. Material Design makes effective use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, as well as depth effects such as lighting and shadows. This concept is a web design trend to watch out in the coming year. Continue reading


Apple Swift Programming – The Making of History & the Future Prospect


Swift is undeniably one of the most intuitive and robust programming language coming from Apple’s innovation lab. Although it presumably will replace Objective-C as the default language for iOS and OS X programming, it would be wise to not consider it as a simpler or ‘lite’ version of Objective C, but rather as a plug-in replacement for it. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Content Management System for Business


Content Management Systems, popularly known as CMS are now one of the most preferred web apps to create and manage website content sans any web development skills. Statistics reveal that 40 percent of the world’s 200+ million websites now run on CMS. And one of the primary reasons that adds to its popularity is that even non-technical users can seamlessly use it to publish live updates, manage form submissions, control site’s structure and appearance, to name a few. Continue reading

Top 10 Drupal Development Tips from Experts


Drupal, is one of the most popular content management system for website owners and developers looking to build a complex website seamlessly. For beginners in Drupal development, all you need is to take care of certain actions and follow certain parameters. One of the first step before you start is to read and understand well about Drupal. Like any new technology, Drupal too requires you to create a sound base before you actually fiddle with the Drupal modules. Continue reading

Best Automation Testing Tools for Android and iOS


In today’s mobile world, compatibility across different platforms is a must for high performance and impactful user performance. Mobile apps are running everywhere on each and every platform. Most of the platforms have conflicting requirements which makes testing tools very important. There are several open source automation testing tools for Android and iOS which help organizations to streamline productivity while reducing errors and costs.


Developed and maintained by Xamarin, Calabash allows to write and execute automated acceptance tests of mobile apps. It’s open source and free cross-platform, supporting Android and iOS native apps.

Calabash helps automate and test any iOS or Android app, native or hybrid, from the user interface level. Xamarin provides both the automation framework, as well as the device cloud. As a result, you can enjoy perfect integration and improvements to Calabash that will help you improve a response to your customers’ needs.


Appium is a cross-platform automation tool for running tests for Android and iOS applications. This tool automates native, mobile, web, and hybrid applications on iOS and Android platforms. An open source test automation framework, you can write your tests in multiple languages such as Java, PHP, Ruby, C#, Python. You can also write your tests using WebDriver library.


Robotium is an exclusive Android test automation framework providing complete support for native and hybrid applications. Robotium makes it very fast to write power packed and robust automatic black-box UI tests for Android applications. With the support of Robotium, test case developers can effectively write function, system and user acceptance test scenarios, which span across multiple Android activities.


Selendroid is a robust test automation framework which drives of the UI of Android native and hybrid applications and the mobile web with Selendroid. It can interact with multiple Android devices at any given time and with different OS support such as Mac, Linux and Windows.
Selendroid can also be used on emulators and real devices. It can integrate as a node into the Selenium Grid for scaling and parallel testing.


Considered one of the most popular open source automation testing tools, MonkeyTalk is available for the mobile applications build in Android and iOS. Its main task is to automate real and functional tests for iOS and Android apps. It creates smoke test very easily and smoothly in a matter of few seconds as well as captures and records test script by providing the same commands for both Android and iOS apps.

The MonkeyTalk tool is available in Pro version with subscription-licensed product from CloudMonkeyMobile. It offers a great cross-platform recording/playback option, integrated environment, and rich API support for Java or JavaScript.


Ranorex is a tool for tests automation not only for the latest, but also for early versions as well as sub-versions of Android. The main advantage of Ranorex is that it comes with detailed reports and screenshots.

Ranorex Studio lets an automated test engineer to create tests easily, by just clicking the mouse. It allows elaborating additional program modules which may be utilized during later stages of development cycles for rather complex test scenarios.


Today’s businesses need open source automation testing tools to save on costs and improve performance. Businesses don’t want to waste resources and time on fixing bugs. These recommended robust testing tools help organizations to gain advantage of cost-effective testing solutions with absolute focus on quality.

We hope that our list helps you in making strategic business decisions in an effective manner.

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Enterprise Mobility Solution – Get the Competitive Edge for your Business!

Enterprise Mobility Cutting Edge BannerWhile market research firm Gartner has forecasted ’25 percent of all enterprises to have an app store by 2017’, Statista Inc. in its 2015 forecast for projected global spending on Mobile App Development has predicted 35 billion USD, which is 6 billion more than the previous year and a baffling 31 billion more than 2009.

This research reports instills more confidence in Mobile App Development Companies to channelize their best resources to build mobile apps for various industry domains like Entertainment, Gaming, Education, Healthcare, Social Networking

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Hospital Management System: Transcending Healthcare to the Next Level

Primary healthcare is one of the fundamental priorities of any nation and the right of every citizen in the world. The word ‘healthcare’ as such immediately connects us to two prominent words – Doctors/Physicians and Hospitals. Hospitals are the connecting platform where a person’s healthcare requirements can be catered to; however, in most hospitals or Healthcare facilities, patients seem to suffer due to poor hospital management.


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Internet of Things in Business – More than a Buzzword!


Internet of things or IoT is fast emerging as one of the most common buzzword in the tech and business world. But what is it that makes the vision for a Connected World so fascinating and inviting!

Well, we have moved over the dotcom revolution and are speeding away past the mobile revolution too. So what makes IOT all the more promising is the fact that it is still much unexplored; and considering the infinite accumulation of data – thanks to all tech revolutions businesses explored, INTERNET OF THINGS definitely makes business sense.

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Experience AR Gaming – The Latest Buzz In The Gaming Industry


With the introduction of wearable Augmented Reality (AR) devices, designers and developers can build fantastic gaming experiences that render a new dimension to gaming. Augmented Reality Games (AR games) attract the audiences by providing different and innovative types of game play. The players and developers are surely going to encounter the most fundamental shift in gaming in the coming years. Continue reading