Hospital Management System: Transcending Healthcare to the Next Level

Primary healthcare is one of the fundamental priorities of any nation and the right of every citizen in the world. The word ‘healthcare’ as such immediately connects us to two prominent words – Doctors/Physicians and Hospitals. Hospitals are the connecting platform where a person’s healthcare requirements can be catered to; however, in most hospitals or Healthcare facilities, patients seem to suffer due to poor hospital management.


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Can IoT help in the success of the organization?

Internet of Things (IoT) is being adopted by several organizations and technologists. It is predicted that the quantity of data being collected and analyzed in and through the IoT will increase exponentially in the coming years. Continue reading

Cool Tips & Tricks For Android ICS Users

The Android platform always keeps to upgrade and improve with new and better features in it. Android ICS is one of the most commonly used Android platforms around the globe. There are many tricks which users can try on the ICS platform to get an even better smartphone experience. Some of these tips are given here.

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Beta 2 Version of iOS 7 – What’s New!!

Just a few days ago, Apple unveiled a beta version of its latest mobile platform, the iOS 7. And now, the second beta version of the same platform is here. This version has been upgraded with a few bug fixes and enhancements. Continue reading the article to know more about this upgrade.

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Apple to Offer Replacements for The New Macbook Air with Wi-Fi Issues

At first, the new MacBook Air received a positive response from the customers. However, since the last week, many customers have been facing some wi-fi related problem on the device. Apple is now looking into the matter and it seems that the company is also offering replacements to some of the customers. Continue reading

Estranged by fans, Microsoft changes its DRM policies for Xbox One

After facing criticism from fans over policies for its new Xbox One gaming console, Microsoft has updated them for the upcoming device. The previous policies for the Xbox One required an active internet connection and limited sharing options. Read the article to know more about the changes made in the controversial DRM policies. Continue reading

Now Add Photos To Your Facebook Comments!!

Ever felt that just some words are not enough to express what you want to say about a friend’s status update. In that case, Facebook has solved your dilemma. Now, you will get the ability to add photos to your comments on a status update. Continue reading, to know more. Continue reading