Advantages of Google’s Material Design


Material Design is developed by Google which expands upon the “card” motifs that debuted in Google Now. Material Design makes effective use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, as well as depth effects such as lighting and shadows. This concept is a web design trend to watch out in the coming year. Continue reading


Apple Swift Programming – The Making of History & the Future Prospect


Swift is undeniably one of the most intuitive and robust programming language coming from Apple’s innovation lab. Although it presumably will replace Objective-C as the default language for iOS and OS X programming, it would be wise to not consider it as a simpler or ‘lite’ version of Objective C, but rather as a plug-in replacement for it. Continue reading

iPhone App Development – A Perfect Solution To Reach Your Target Audience

iphone appsiPhone – the leader in the smartphone arena, has revolutionized the world of mobile phones. In the present tech era, it is the most popular smartphone available in the market. Seeing its innumerable capabilities and functionalities, this Apple gadget users are invariably increasing, which has opened up huge opportunities for businesses. Excellent features, sleek design, stylish looks and innumerable multimedia apps make iPhone device the best marketing tool for businesses today. Continue reading